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Photography Pricing

Please note: I am required to add California sales tax to the prices shown below.

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(individual and group)


A good portrait is a collaborative effort - my job is to create the best possible image using the camera, lighting, creative posing, and digital post-processing, while your job is simply to be relaxed, comfortable, and confident during the shoot. To help achieve our goals, I will meet with you prior to the actual photo session, either by phone or in person, to understand the kind of look you want for your photos, identify possible locations for the shoot, and to answer any questions you might have.


For the photo session, I recommend you bring along a stylist, assistant, or trusted friend, who can monitor your hair, makeup, and clothes during the shoot to ensure you look your best for each photo.  If you need recommendations, I can refer you to some stylists.  You may also want to bring one or more wardrobe changes.


After the photo session, I will evaluate the images and finalize the best ones, which you will be able to review on a private website that I will setup for you.  At that point, you can choose to purchase prints and/or downloads of the photos you like.


Session Fee (does not include price of photographs):

  • $150 first 2 hours
  • $50 each additional hour


Photograph Prices:

  • $30 – 5x7 print
  • $45 – 8x10 print
  • $60 – 11x14 print
  • $75 – 16x20 print
  • $125 – digital download, unlimited use
  • $450 – DVD with all finalized photos from the session



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